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The United Nations Association – USA is dedicated to the same concerns that led the people and the nations of the world to create the United Nations after World War II:

Human rights for all people
Combating World Poverty
Resolving conflicts through peaceful means
Protecting the world’s environment

We recognize that an effective United Nations, with positive leadership from the United States, is of critical importance in all of these areas. Our mission is to build understanding and support for the ideals and vital work of the United Nations, in and near Monterey County.

UNA Monterey Bay is one of 11 chapters that comprise the UNA-USA Northern California Division. The Northern California region has had a long standing history with the United Nations. In 1945, the region was the birthplace of the UN when the charter was signed in the heart of San Francisco. UNA NorCal serves to provide the public with information and activities surrounding the United Nations and global affairs. With 11 chapters, UNA NorCal spans over half the state: from Sacramento to San Francisco and Sonoma to Monterey, the UNA has a powerful presence in the West Coast enclave of progress and global awareness. For more information on UNA NorCal, please click here.

Our Chapter recognizes there are great current humanitarian assistance needs. We encourage our members to be generous in offering their support, as they are able. Among many other worthwhile organizations raising money for humanitarian work, we hope our members will consider those UN agencies which need resources in order to help. Please click here to donate to the U.N. Central Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)